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hear from other veterans

When I left the military in the middle of my second deployment I was not ready nor given direction on how to deal with the VA, after talking to Joseph and his team I was able to obtain the care and compensation I needed to get my life on track. Truly a life changing moment.

Manuel Gonzales

Sending a big shout out to Joe Liquori and his team. They were very instrumental in me acquiring my 100% VA disability. Semper Fi, from the Gunny/USMC.

Jeffrey Gowdy Sr.

I worked with Joe Liquori for about 6 months and my VA disability benefit increased from 30% to 100%. I am so grateful to Joe and everyone connected to this organization. God bless.

Lori Aydelotte,  U. S. Coast Guard RET.

Just notified I went from 80% to 100% T&P in seven days with no C&P Exam. For 55 years I was one of those guys that felt I didn't deserve anything for just doing my duty. However, I have been working with Joe since November last year. I have gone from 20% to 80% to 100% T&P with this group. Every person I have dealt with has been understanding and supportive through the entire process.

John Shuell

Aloha Veterans! I just want to say Joe is very knowledgeable with the VA process so trust the process and execute what he tells you to do! He got me to 100% when I felt I was stuck. My biggest advice to all you veterans out there is to never give up. VA will deny you and there is no doubt about that but keep fighting. Do some research on your end and take ownership of your CLAIM because I promise you, you'll get there!!!

After getting nowhere trying to maneuver through the VA’s red tape, I reached out to Joe. With his help and guidance I am at 100%. I will forever be grateful to Joe and his outstanding team. 

 Cody F

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