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CMTJ, LLC is a veteran owned education-based consulting firm helping military veterans obtain the VA disability compensation and benefits they are legally, morally and ethically entitled to. 

Our team of fellow veteran consultants understand both the physical and mental sacrifices you have made during your military career and can help you through the VA disability claims process.

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How it works:

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Step 4
FREE one-on-one strategy consultation.
Build a customized strategy.
Education based on your claims strategy.
Develop Medical Evidence.

and finally, WIN YOUR CLAIM!


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I want to start by saying that in the past, I have filed claims on my own with the VA to no avail. It wasn’t until I came across the good folks at Increase Your VA Benefits. With the help of Joe Liquori and his staff, that I eventually made it to a 70% disability rating and now have a 90% disability rating. Thank you, Joe and all his staff, for making this possible. 

- FA

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